How To Find IMEI For Stolen Phone(Easy Trick)

People usually lost their mind when they lost their phone because it contains so many personal details or many pieces of information that should be kept in secret.There will be two cases of missing your phone it must be stolen, or you forgot your phone somewhere else or misplaced.
Find Stolen Phone
If your phone is stolen, then you must have to file a FIR with the police.For filing the FIR, you should submit the IMEI number of your device to the police after that only Police can block that particular device with that number.After that, if the thief changes the sim it will get notified.
If your phone is misplaced or fallen from the pocket, then you can quickly locate your phone. You will find the solution here.

Recently I've written an article to find your stolen phone by IMEI tracking.If you are still confusing with what the IMEI number is and how you can locate your phone with IMEI number, then read the following article before proceeding next

👉  IMEI Cell Phone Tracking And How it Works?

How To Find That Particular International Mobile Equipment Identity Number

So now here comes the main part to know the IMEI number of stolen or lost phone.You don't have to download any extra app for that only a Gmail account is sufficient for detecting that particular number.But that account must be used for signing in purpose in that device earlier.

Pre- Requisite
  • Your device has access to the internet.
  • Your device should be connected to your Google account.

1. Go to my account dashboard.

2. Scroll down to devices.

Android device

3. Click on the devices.

Android device

4. Now check all the devices with IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity number).

Moreover, you can find operator name which is currently using, registration of that email id and last active with that Gmail by this trick.Your dashboard gives you all detail about your account.It contains all the data connected with your Gmail account.Further, displays all the Google product linked with the Gmail account.

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