Change look of your Android phone with free themes

Change look of your Android phone with free themes and wallpapers

Android phone comes with its default theme and wallpapers. For most of us, this default look is not sufficient, and some even want to make it look like iPhone. I can show you how you can convert your Android phone from geeky gadget to very cool personalized mobile with free themes and wallpapers. You can change look and feel of your android phone in no time. You can do it just in two simple steps which I am going to explain you here. Best part is, it is absolutely free

Applying the theme to Android phone : 

You can quickly replace the default Android home screen and theme with the fancy theme, for example, a theme which looks like iPhone. You can do this with a free home screen replacement app ADW Launcher. Install the ADW Launcher from the Android market or from your other trusted source. Similarly, search and install free ADW themes from Android market.

There are many free and paid ADW themes but if you are interested in iPhone kind of look & feel then install ADW IPhroid IPhone Free theme. You can also try out ADWTheme MiPhone Free theme. Once you have installed ADW Launcher and one of the ADW themes, then you are ready to try it out. The tricky part of ADW launcher and these installed adw themes is none of these appear as applications in the app drawer. To start using installed ADW Launcher press the home button of your Android mobile phone. This would display launcher menu. To start using ADW Launcher, tap “ADW.Launcher” option. This would also apply the default theme of ADW Launcher.

For changing the default theme, we need to do some more work. Now press the menu button of your phone to see the menus of ADW Launcher. Tap “More” menu and then “ADWSettings” menu to launch the ADW Settings screen. Now tap “Themes Preferences” to proceed for trying out a new theme for your phone. Then tap “Select your theme” option to launch the dialog which displays the available themes you have on your phone. Select the theme you want from this list. Finally, tap “Apply theme!” button for using the new theme.

You can notice that free theme changes your icons but does not provide satisfactory wallpaper. This you can solve by performing next step.

Download cool wallpapers for an Android phone : 

So far, I talked about how you can quickly replace the default Android home screen and theme with fancy iPhone kind of theme. But you must have noticed that free themes come with limited wallpapers, and you may not like the ones who are there on the theme. This can be taken care by downloading cool and free wallpapers for your android using wallpaper apps.

There are many free wallpaper apps in Android market, and Best Wallpapers app is one of these apps. Best Wallpapers app is simple and provides a collection of beautiful and cool wallpapers. It provides all the necessary basic features which you may need when it comes to searching, downloading and setting wallpapers for your Android.

Install one of the wallpaper apps and use it to download free cool wallpapers for your Android phone. You can even set the wallpapers from these apps directly.

This would completely change the look and feel of your Android phone the way you like. It would convert your phone from geeky to cool one.

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