How To Get Instant 10k Likes On Photos - Stop FB Auto liker

Most of the people usually want to get famous in social media.Meanwhile, they may go blind in rush of being famous in social media.Nowadays the most common social media Facebook is one of the to best to go famous.But, before you go you must have something that others would love it.There is no simple way to get famous you must need hard work to get love from others, and you must have to devote your time in practising good thing with the positive mind.Then I'm sure that you will definitely get popular.Yes, it will take time, but there will be no fearing losing that popularity. Let me tell you how it related to FB auto liker.
Facebook Autoliker

It is a tool that people can use to get more likes instantly.It can give you tonnes of like in just a single second.It will be in different type like facebook auto liker app or in site.This tool is used for likes to a profile or Facebook page automatically.The way you will get like from others in the same way you will also like others pic, comment, etc. with this tool.If you are having confusion with this line, please read the below paragraph.

How Does It Work?

Suppose you are going to facebook auto liker site you must have to sign up there to use the auto like feature.There will be several steps for signing up, and at last, you will be given a token which you have to copy and paste there in a box. The token will be long with some unusual characters.After pasted the token you are going to give the full control of your account to them, it means you just handed over your Facebook account to them.Because the "token is equivalent to your password". After that, you'll start getting likes to your target photos or page from strangers.

Risks Of Facebook Autoliker

Now you may ask who those strangers are? And the answer is those people are also come to their site by seeking more likes to their profile.They also sign up there, and in the same way after you joining that site your profile will start to like their pics, comments automatically.
Now they will like everything by your profile whether the post is irrelevant for you or not it is because you've given the token to them and the access to auto like the app with your profile.

  • They may be sent messages without your permission.
  • Automatically like strangers Facebook pages
  • Automatically like pics, posts, comments, etc. 

Get Rid of Facebook Autoliker

Those who already joined auto liker site they may be worried now because they are facing such type of problem which I've mentioned above.
Don't worry  if  there is problem there must be a solution, some are solved and some won't
 And it is among the solved. To stop Facebook auto liker simply follow these steps
  1. Go to  facebook page
  2. Check the Apps that you have given your profile to access permission.
  3. Remove all the Unknown Apps.
  4. Now change your password.
Congrats! You are fully secured now.
From now never you use such type of wicked trick because now you can know it's a trap where you may be a victim.
Hope this post helps you.
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